Cobra has long been a cult name in motorsport and automotive circles. They have been hand-making seats in the UK (Telford, to be exact) for over 40 years, supplying seats to some of the sport's most iconic names.

In the 1960’s Len Dunsford was acknowledged as one of the country’s best vehicle trimmers – his work graced racing cockpits used by names like Moss, McQueen and Clark.

This is an early project of theirs - the Austin Rover 6R4 - the homologation car for the famous Group B car of the same name, fitted with their SF3c seat from the factory.

Nowadays modern heroes place their trust in Cobra’s ability to combine the very highest safety standards with weight saving technology… and Cobra is still a family run company – grandson Mark, who is Managing Director, shares his father’s and grandfather’s “hands on” passion for the art of building the finest seats and car interiors.

One of the things we love about Cobra is not only their boutique, handmade nature, but how they apply their motorsport experience into crafting seats for road and race cars.

The Nogaro Circuit is a perfect example, being a seat that is a full bucket, has a small footprint and can be used with anything from your car's factory 3 point to a full 6 point racing harness.

In addition to the Nogaro, Cobra makes seats that are race ready, honed from their years in rallying, road racing, and their current heavy involvement in the BTCC.

We have a wide selection of Cobra Seats in stock at Grid Partners. From the multi purpose Nogaro to more focused seats such as the Imola and Suzuka, we've got you covered.

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August 08, 2023 — Ted Byrnes