-Each Month will feature *one car and *one track.

-Every Saturday is a Virtual Track Day, where Grid Partners hosts a lobby for 30 cars. You can join from your SIM rig, or participate in the shop during business hours (11AM - 4PM).

We have a Grid Partners Server on Assetto Corsa:

Name: Grid Partners Online Track Day                                                                 Password: CarGoFast

-Each Virtual Track Day will have two winners: Fastest recorded lap in-store and fastest recorded lap online (at home). Verification of your time will be required to cash in for your prize by taking a picture of the completed lap time with yourself in frame. The prize for these winners is the choice of any GP Graphic T-shirt (not including the UV long sleeve).

-A Hot Lap Event will be hosted on the second Saturday of every month at the Grid Partners Store. Everyone is welcome to take one installation lap and one flying lap. Event sign up will take place starting at 11AM at the store. 

-For the Hot Lap Event, the track will be the same as the one that was used for virtual track days for the month, but the car used will be different and selected by Grid Partners. The Fastest lap of this event gets a pair of Sabelt TG-2 Gloves, 2nd place gets a UV t-shirt and hat, 3rd place gets a GP t-shirt. 

-All Hot Lap participants will receive a 5% off discount code that can be applied in store or online.

Good Luck!!!

By the way...  come join us on our new Discord chat server!


August 17, 2023 — Ted Byrnes