Apex SM-10 Wheels for Mustang

From $439.00

The Apex SM-10 features a modern design with reinforced lips, and I-beam spokes designed to be robust and extra lightweight where they need to be.

Face profiles offered for these wheels:

    • Medium concavity face (profile 2)

    The wheels' shallower faces provide increased caliper clearance on narrow applications, while the deeper concave faces reduce weight and create an aggressive appearance on low offset and wide-width applications. Your selected options will display the chosen wheel's profile.


    • Flow-formed, roll forged barrel
    • Engineered for max weight savings
    • I-beam spokes for reduced weight
    • Reinforced inner lip for strength
    • Excellent clearance for aftermarket big brake kits 
    • Knurled beads
    • Accommodates over-sized race lugs and impact sockets, and has open hub center for quick wheel swapping
    • Can be used with all OEM mounting hardware, proper aftermarket hardware, and most wheel spacers
    • APEX logo center cap included, accepts OEM center caps 
    • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) compatible - not included
    • Independently tested and certified
    • Unmatched replacement program
    • Lifetime structural warranty

    One of the most prominent features of the SM-10 is its advanced "I" beam spoke machining. Any excess material that doesn’t add strength is carved out from the sides of the spokes using a precision CNC ball cutter. All APEX wheels incorporate a vehicle-specific hubcentric design, so they're a direct fit designed specifically for you. 

    The inner lip is the most vulnerable part of a wheel because it has no spokes for support. This Flow Formed Evolution line adds more material to this high-impact area as an extra layer of protection against track berms, potholes, and whatever else the road may throw at you.

    The APEX SM-10 wheel achieves its combination of strength, light weight, and affordability through flow-forming technology. By flow-forming the wheel, weight is reduced in the barrel through a process sometimes referred to as "roll forging." Roll forging, while not the same as the traditional forging, is superior to regular casting. The rolling process occurs under extreme pressure, yielding a barrel that is stronger than a standard cast wheel, with certain material properties that are similar to a standard forged wheel. This added barrel strength allows for a reduction in overall wheel weight, while not sacrificing any of the strength you'd expect from durable flow-formed wheels.