Cool Boxx


The most efficient and lightweight driver cooling device for keeping you comfortable and focused in your race car. Provides ice-cold temps without the ice; simply plug in, turn it on, and stay cool for as long as you need with no refilling required. Very lightweight, and with temperature control down to the degree for versatile applications.

Included with unit: 7' insulated water tubing and controller with 10' wiring harness.


  • Temperature electronically limited to 45 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Max cooling water temp of 45 degrees Fahrenheit at an air intake temp of 100 degrees F while connected to the driver’s shirt for an incredible 55 degree temperature delta.
  • Max air intake operating temp of 148 F
  • Weighs 14 lbs. including water
  • 2 G/minute water pump
  • 0.17ci A/C compressor
  • 2,383 BTU cooling capacity
  • 520 cfm internal fans
  • 10 FL OZ water reservoir tank
  • 12v System
  • Deutsch electrical connector
  • Mil spec wiring
  • Built in 4″ air inlet
  • 5052 H32 aluminum cases
  • 15-22 amps power draw ambient temperature dependent
  • Closed loop system, pre cool without shirt being attached
  • Dry brake and single button quick release Vest and Boxx connectors
  • Built in protection:
    • water flow sensor for pump protection
    • compressor will not operate without the pump on to prevent freezing