Tillett B10 Auto Racing Seat

By Tillett

Based on Tillett's popular B6 race shape, but modified to be more comfortable and convenient for daily driving. It is rigid and strong yet remains lightweight due to its twin molding construction.

The B6 has always been a great seat with an enveloping body-molded shape that supports the body whilst leaving the shoulders free to steer the car unhindered. The B10 maintains this, but provides cut away sides which allow more convenient use of the stock belts and easier climb-in-the-car-ability.

The front of the seat kicks up a little more than the B6, aiding drivers with longer legs. It also helps if the seat were to be angled in more upright positions favored for comfortable arm length in saloon cars. The headrest height has been raised over the B6 seat to support drivers with longer torsos.

The seat uses Tillett's latest FIA seat fittings to ensure it is mounted securely and can use all of their 2° bracket range.

  • 9.9 lbs, can vary by 10%
  • Suits drivers up to 100 kg 36-inch jeans waist size
  • Dinamica® covered headrest panel included
  • Option of cushion and back panels covered in Dinamica® suede
  • Strength and rigidity of a twin skin moulding
  • Driver is lowered compared to standard saloon seats
  • Compatible with road seat belts or race harness and a 20° Hans device (5 or 6 point race harness recommended)
  • Stainless steel side mounting points
  • A great option for open top cars and harsh environments
  • Compatible with Tillett 2° side mount brackets
  • Choice of high gloss carbon/fiberglass, or black gloss fiberglass finish
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK