Track Armour Balaclava Head Sock


Designed for maximum comfort and breathability, Track Armour head sock / balaclavas are the perfect companion for your helmet and Track Day experience. Their universal fit are perfect for any head size.

  • Breathable: Fabric is specifically woven to allow you to breath easy while the head sock / balaclava is over your nose and mouth
  • Comfortable: High quality fabric blend is soft to the skin and fits sturdy over your head and neck
  • Absorbs Moisture: Designed to prevent sweat from reaching the pads of your helmet, which can cause unwanted stench
  • Universal Fit: Suitable for all men and women! Great for kids getting into karting as well
  • Durable: Quality woven fabric and stitching allows for this product to take a beating. Machine washable and elastics allows it to absorb much abuse over time
  • Wind Resistant: They sit well below your helmet to insulate your neck from the cold or from rain drops whipping across your neck in the wind