Quick-fit Pro and Rallye 3 harnesses are DOT-approved, but hold no higher certifications.

All of our 4 and 6 point harnesses are FIA certified. This ensures they are made of Polyester, which is far superior to the Nylon allowed by SFI ratings. FIA-approved harnesses are more stringently tested for strength, longevity, elasticity, degradation, abrasiveness, construction and combustibility.

3" vs 2" belts

Both belt sizes are equal in strength and safety. Although 3" belts can be used with some 2" head and neck restraints, we recommend you match equipment sizes. The FIA mandates 2" shoulder webbing when used with a FIA compliant HANS device.

4-point vs 6-point

The only 4-point harnesses that we carry and that are allowed at most HPDE events are those with anti-submarine (ASM) technology.

If a 6-point harness is used as a 4-point, or if a 4-point lacks ASM, you will remain upright in a crash which could "submarine" your body under the lap belts. Traditional 6-points prevent this, and 4-points with ASM have one shoulder strap designed to tear 3-5 inches on impact, preventing submarining by allowing your body to slightly twist.

5-point harnesses are no-longer approved by FIA due to their potential for injury, which is why we neither recommend nor carry them.