We are passionate track enthusiasts with an obsession for Motorsport. Like all enthusiasts, we strive to have the best equipment for our cars, and for our safety.

We are native Angelenos who make regular use of the wonderful race tracks all around us: Big Willow, Streets of Willow, Chuckwalla, Buttonwillow, Apple Valley…. Not to mention the Autocross parking lots and Rallycross events that pepper our enthusiast landscape.

We realized: if we, or any of our community, needed any equipment - helmets, seats, harnesses, gloves, shoes - there was nowhere to go in the greater Los Angeles area. Nowhere to try on a helmet, test out a seat, talk to people about our shared passion and maybe glean some knowledge from fellow enthusiasts.

Grid Partners will provide direct support to these enthusiasts by creating an inclusive environment where they can purchase goods, and access a knowledge base from track veterans eager to share their experiences.

Grid Partners is proud to stock Sabelt (seats, harnesses, racewear, steering wheels), Cobra (seats), HJC (helmets), Schroth Racing (harnesses / head and neck protection devices), Schuberth (helmets), Motorsport Hardware (wheel studs and spacers), and more.