Sabelt Silver Enduro 6-Point 2x2" Harness

By Sabelt

Includes both pull-up and pull-down lap belts for flexibility in endurance race car setups.

  • 6-Point harness for fixed back seats
  • Quick-release adjusters
  • Shoulder straps: full 2″ width, Pull Down straps – aluminum adjuster
  • Velcro patches on shoulder straps for radio or hydration routing
  • Shoulder fixing: snap hook – tribar
  • Lap belts: full 2″ width aluminum adjuster, Pull Up/Pull Down lap straps – snap hook fixing
  • New compact buckle designed with crotches slots integrated to main body
  • Sub belts: 2″ width – snap hook / tribar fixing
  • 2" Wide belts compatible with all HANS and FHR safety devices
  • Designed for sports cars, GT cars, and rally cars
  • Includes eye bolts
  • FIA 8853-2016 certified
  • Made in Italy